Endorsement from Ted Baker of Indiana University

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February 2, 2015

My name is Ted Baker and I am Executive Director of the Muncie Indiana Innovation Connector – a business incubator that has worked with many entrepreneurs and startup businesses. Personally, I have owned several manufacturing businesses and retail/service based businesses – including a franchised business.

A friend of mine had heard about The Gravel Doctor and he was interested in joining The Gravel Doctor team in Indiana. He was already a successful business owner but he wanted to expand into a different market and include some family members. As a business coach/advisor, I looked at the business model with my friend and assisted him through his decision making process. After much due diligence and discussions with others in this business, my friend decided to invest in The Gravel Doctor.
The Gravel Doctor “product” is a unique process that seizes a need in the marketplace. For the customer, their process provides a lower cost and practical alternative to repairing gravel driveways and parking areas – and almost any other gravel surfaces. For The Gravel Doctor licensee, their process provides a business opportunity with a high return on investment and a quality product that a business owner can be proud to provide.

I like the business model that The Gravel Doctor provides. Norm and his team provide the necessary information, equipment specifications, and training tools for a willing business owner to have every opportunity for success. While no business investment provides 100% success, I do believe that The Gravel Doctor business system can provide the right business tools to provide a hard working person a great opportunity for success.

I willingly and whole heartedly endorse The Gravel Doctor. I have not been compensated in any manner to offer these comments. After much research and time reviewing this business model with my friend, I can honestly say that The Gravel Doctor is a unique and sound business opportunity.

Thank you.

Ted A. Baker
Executive Director


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