Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Driveway Repair Made Easy with The Gravel Doctor ®

Is the Gravel Doctor a franchise?  – NO

It is an opportunity to be in business for yourself – but we will assist in connecting buyers with companies that provide funding.

How do I get started?

Begin by contacting the Gravel Doctor Inc. and we’ll provide you with all the information we have so you can decide if the Gravel Doctor opportunity is right for you.

Do I have to sign a non-disclosure, non-compete confidentiality agreement before seeing the Gravel Doctor demonstrated? YES

What is the initial cost?

Call the Gravel Doctor and discuss your options.

** See equipment requirements below**

You provide the tractor, trailer & truck ( approx. $ 40,000.00 – $65,000.00 – most of that financed by suppliers ).

Can I purchase additional Gravel Doctor machines? – YES

Can I purchase the Gravel Doctor machine separately  without becoming part of the Gravel Doctor system?  – NO

Do I need to have employees? – NO

Does Gravel Doctor provide internal financing? – NO

How much money can I make?

$ 1,000.00 days are typical, but your efforts will determine the true value.

Are there any ongoing fees? – YES

You pay as by contract – but no royalties or co-op advertising costs.

Will I have a protected territory? – YES

Your territory will have legally defined boundaries within which the Gravel Doctor Inc. will not knowingly sell another Gravel Doctor machine.

How big are the territories?

The entry level territory is typically a 30 – 40 mile radius – but each territory is evaluated individually based on population, industry and geography. Larger territories are available and pricing is determined on a case by case basis.

Is the Gravel Doctor machine like a box scraper? – NO

Absolutely not even close. A box scraper is not designed to do what a Gravel Doctor machine does. The capability of the Gravel Doctor machine far exceeds the simple box scraper.

Does the Gravel Doctor ONLY work on driveways? – NO

Other areas are: parking lots, preparing sub-grades for asphalt, cement, interlocking stone ( pavers ), trails, ball diamonds, horse tracks & stables as well as grading topsoil.

Can I use the tractor for other things? – YES

The Gravel Doctor machine can be removed in less than 5 minutes – so you can attach other implements as you need them.

What are the equipment requirements?

A 30hp – 60 hp  –  4 wheel drive compact tractor ( category 1 – 3 pth , preferably with a front end loader, a 5 ton capacity trailer & a ¾ – 1 ton pickup truck or van.

Is training provided? – YES

We provide a 5 day training course, addressing safety, marketing & quoting, civil engineering theory and machine operation.

Can I operate a Gravel Doctor business in conjunction with another business ? – YES

The Gravel Doctor is especially well suited to landscaping & snow removal businesses as well as almost any service business that addresses outside property maintenance for residential, industrial & commercial properties.

Can I purchase additional Gravel Doctor machines? – YES

As your business grows you may want to hire staff but not initially.

Will Gravel Doctor Inc. provide customer leads? – YES

When we receive requests for estimates in your territory they will be forwarded to you.

Will I have my own web site? – YES

Can I grow the business and resell it? – YES

The buyer must become a signatory to the agreement.

 Can a beneficiary inherit the business – YES

They must become a signatory to the agreement.

Can I expand my territory at a later date? – YES

Provided that additional territories are available. Also, ask about partnering with us to develop a larger area such as a State or Province.

Will Gravel Doctor provide references?  – YES

The Gravel Doctor Inc. has letters of reference from several well-known entities & will provide copies of them for your used.

What are the Gravel Doctor machine maintenance costs?

Typically under 7% of the gross. The teeth and blades will require replacement when worn. Industrial sites tend to be compacted harder & as such will cause more tooth wear. Also the type of material in your area will have an impact on the life of the teeth.

Are there any licensing requirements?  – YES

Federal & provincial or state vehicle license requirements must be met, as well as any local ordinances.

Gravel Doctor ® Opportunities Available

The Gravel Doctor Business is a ROCK SOLID OPPORTUNITY

The only business that gives you the basis for a lifetime of job security is your own. As an independent business owner, your Gravel Doctor business provides the solid foundation you need to build your own successful enterprise and enjoy a more secure future.