‘Be your own boss’, from a dream to what reality? To independence both financial and personnel?, to self satisfaction?. It’s all very appealing something most of us at one time or another have contemplated but mostly that’s where it ends. We become weighed down with doubt; what are the risks of ‘Be your own boss?’, what does failure look like? Loss of capital and perhaps worse loss of face with friends and family, now these are chilling prospects. Further, any internet search on the subject of ‘Be your own boss’ will deliver commentary such as, “The latest data from the Small Business Administration (SBA) states that nearly 66 percent of small businesses will survive their first two years. That means only about one third of total businesses will actually fail in these first two crucial years, the main cause being a lack of experience.”

There is good news for the ‘Be your own boss’ entrepreneurs as the following selected quotes from Professor Scott Shane (Scott Shane is the A. Malachi Mixon III professor of entrepreneurial studies at Case Western Reserve University. His books include Illusions of Entrepreneurship) indicates:-“Hidden in much of the gloomy news about small business in recent years is an important positive statistic: business failure rates are in a long-term decline. The rate at which American employers go under has fallen by 30 percent since 1977”. “Part of the decline in the business failure rates stems from a change in where small businesses operate. As the industry mix of small companies has shifted away from sectors like construction, where failure rates are higher, to sectors like services, where closure rates are lower, the average rate of business survival has risen” One factor is the tendency for “entrepreneurs to evaluate business opportunities more carefully before taking the plunge”

At Gravel Doctor, a ‘Be your own boss’ business opportunity, we have a collective experience approaching a full century. A good mix of new and not so new from whom the next ‘Be your own boss’ entrepreneurs can draw experience; the lack of which is the primary cause of failure comments the SBA above. Gravel Doctor is also a service business where closure rates are lower according to Professor Shane’s work. All in all Gravel Doctor is a low risk ‘Be your on boss’ opportunity that maybe just right for you, but how would you know? To find out you are encouraged to make a ‘no obligation’ one (1) day visit to, as Professor Shane suggests, “evaluate more carefully before taking the plunge.”

Gravel Doctor is not a franchise but a ‘owner/operator’ ‘Be your own boss’ opportunity in which you have the advantages of a proven business model that is both repeatable and scalable with none of the fees associated with other business models i.e Franchises. You are encouraged to make a ‘no obligation’ one (1) day visit to ‘kick the tires’ and discuss the opportunity with members of staff and other Gravel Doctors to evaluate the opportunity. Should you decide that Gravel Doctor is the ‘Be your own boss’ opportunity for you then you would start with five (5) days of training three (3) of which is on the machine and two (2) days discussing how to build your business. You at all times have access to all the other Gravel Doctors, have an exclusive territory and are continually supported by web page advertising that is rated in the top 1%.

Gravel Doctor is indeed a ‘Be your own boss’ opportunity where dreams do become reality. Give us a call, come meet the family.