How many times have to thought to yourself “there has got to be something better than this”. If you have thought that, probably you’re not happy with something about your life. If you aren’t happy with your job – keep reading. If you’re not happy with your marriage or something else then skip this article. Lack of job satisfaction is a broad term, but it can be broken down to basic parts. Some of these are: (1) It doesn’t pay enough, (2) too many hours- no time to enjoy yourself, (3) no opportunity to contribute your ideas and make things better, (4) you don’t get satisfaction from your job position, (5) no job security, (6) you don’t like your boss. If any of these apply to you – keep reading.

Maybe it’s time for a change.

But self-employment is not for everybody. To operate a successful business takes a special type of person. You must be dedicated to your business and by that I mean you must treat it like a business. You must show up on time, work smart (not hard) and always be thinking of how to improve it. If you are passionate about it –it won’t be work. To be self employed does not equate to being your boss. When you are self employed your customers are your bosses. If you don’t please your customers you won’t have any customers. If you don’t have any customers you don’t have a business – or an income! Most self employed people discover that they are working more hours than they did when they worked for someone else. However, if it’s their passion it doesn’t seem like it. As a business owner / entrepreneur there is no salary ceiling. You can make as much money as you want – – wrong! There are always limits to what you can make. You can only work so many hours, you can only charge what the market will bear and you can only acquire so many customers, although, you at least have the opportunity to increase your earnings if you make the right decisions. I personally enjoy wearing a number of different hats and dealing with a variety of situations on a daily or weekly basis. I enjoy the challenges. It is important to manage your time so you can do other things. At least as a business owner you have the power to create your own environment to a certain degree. If being in charge is not giving you the satisfaction you crave then you should ascertain why, and address that. If job security was your reason for becoming self employed you must stay abreast of market trends and be creative. Be innovative- it’s exciting. If as a business owner you find you still don’t like your boss – then you shouldn’t be in business. In conclusion, I offer the following quiz: If there are five frogs on a log and three decide to jump off – how many are left on the log? If your answer is two – you are wrong. The correct answer is five, because deciding to jump off is not the same as jumping off! Good luck.