In these fast-paced times we are potentially bombarded with stress from all angles. Gone are the good old days when life was much slower paced. This bigger-better-more society causes businesses to respond with a faster than light approach. This competitive environment forces stress on everyone, especially the employees. My observation is that there are two types of stress. Good stress and bad stress. Good stress motivates you to change things for the better and bad stress causes worry about things you cannot change.

If your work environment is causing you bad stress you are more likely to have health issues because you internalize the situation and that puts more stress on your body. You may get headaches or upset stomach or any of a number of maladies, all because you don’t have the ability to remove the cause of your stress. My opinion, is that self employed people are not immune from stress, but they have the power to remove the cause of stress more so than someone who is an employee.

The presence of good stress make business more productive and the work environment more enjoyable. I have been self employed for over forty years and I have had very little in the way of stress to deal with. My health has been excellent ( I’m 67 ) and I still work because I like my job. Did I always like my job? No, but when I found something I didn’t like, I changed it. Sounds simple doesn’t it? Well it is just that easy. If a customer’s requirement is to complete a project in less time than I feel is reasonable I just politely decline the job….there’s lot more jobs out there. I live beside a beautiful river in the middle of the Great Lakes.

In the summer the river traffic can be very busy and congested and that can make sailing difficult. No problem, my wife and I did our work on the weekends and sailed during the mid-week when we had the river almost exclusively to ourselves. If I encountered a situation that could stand improvement I dealt with it. No “chain of command” to go through – no committee, no delays and no stress. If you have considered becoming “ your own boss” you will not be stress free, but you will have the authority to make changes that can improve the situation. Not everyone will be happy being self employed. You have to be a self motivating, problem solving, enthusiastic individual. If that sounds like you, maybe you should be in business for yourself.