Home based businesses can be a blessing or a curse !

Are you considering a home based business opportunity? If you are selling things or providing a service from your home the customer traffic can be very invasive to your privacy. However, if you are providing a service at the customer’s location and  only have an office in your home the equation changes. The benefits to this arrangement are many. You can write a portion of your house expenses off your income tax. Expenses such as: taxes, insurance, electricity, heating costs, telephone and certain maintenance costs are eligible. Your transportation costs including vehicle expenses also qualify. Check with an accountant for specifics.

With a home based business that provides a service at the customer’s location you can schedule your time to suit yourself and the lifestyle that YOU  choose. Perhaps, if you are like me, you’d like to escape the winter freeze & relocate to the sunny south for a few months. With some home based businesses this can become YOUR reality. For any business to be successful you must commit to it.There is no business that will “sell itself” or run on automatic pilot. To live the lifestyle I choose it must be seasonal. I prefer to work in the sun & in winter –  follow the sun.

A home based business that requires no employees is even better! No weekly paychecks to provide. No health insurance & government deductions to make ( and account for ) when required.Prior to creating the Gravel Doctor Dealership system I was involved in many different types of businesses. I started buying real estate for rentals ( tenants can be a problem ). I then bought a commercial building and rented part of it and operated a gas station there. Next, I started a heavy equipment construction company with thirteen machines ( bulldozers etc. ) and up to twenty-eight employees. These machines make money in good times – but cost a lot to operate all the time! Next, I was a partner in a auto body repair shop. It didn’t survive. I then went back to heavy construction and out of necessity invented the Gravel Doctor as a solution to accessing tight areas. After seeing the many opportunities available for the Gravel Doctor machine I sold my heavy equipment construction business. As of this date I have been a Gravel Doctor for twenty-six years and living the lifestyle that suits me. If you are interested in a lifestyle change call us at 519-677-5935  and we can investigate if the Gravel Doctor will help accomplish your goals. GOOD LUCK!